Our Wealth Principles & Philosophy

We are guided by the following principles and philosophies:

Wealth is good, as long as it makes you happy and used to help mankind.

We believe that the more your wealth, the greater impact you can make for your family and for those worthy causes you are passionate about. Wealth is only a tool that can support your commitment to service, to mankind and in leaving a legacy. 

You are responsible for your own wealth.  

Don’t expect to marry rich, inherit a fortune or win the lottery. Don’t blame your back ground, the economy, the government or any other excuse you can come up with.  If you want to build wealth, the onus is on you. Quit blaming others and take it upon yourself to be happy and wealthy.

Health is wealth

However, health is always more important than wealth. We believe that the money you spend on your health in the form of good food, regular check-ups, physical exercise, gym membership etc. is one of the best forms of investments for the future. Being sick is not only very expensive but will even stop you from creating more wealth.

Creating Wealth is a process that requires long-term strategic planning

Be careful about any process that guarantees instant wealth. Wealth creation is like watching your children grow; you never see them grow, but you know they are growing.

Planning is not enough; you must take action

A road map does not take you to your destination, you have to move to get to your destination. We believe that a plan without action is mere wishful thinking, and will not take you to your dreamland. What is the value of knowledge if it is not acted upon? Stand up and take charge of your future by taking action.

Continuous improvement, seeking for information, education (not school) is key to wealth creation

We believe that a day of not learning something new, is a day wasted.